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Эх (эцэг)-ийн чөлөө

No provisions on paternity leave could be identified within the law.

Эх (эцэг)-ийн чөлөө

Parental leave is regulated under the Labour Code and is referred to as “child care leave”. An employer may grant such child care leave to a mother who has used all her maternity leave and annual leave and has a child under three years of age. Child care leave can also be requested by fathers.

Employment of a worker is secure during child care leave. Employer is required to engage the worker in prior work if such request is submitted prior to or on expiration of child care leave. In case the work or position has been eliminated or the number of staff has been reduced, the employer is required to provide the worker with another job or position. This provision is equally applicable to parents adopting a child under three years of age.

Provisions relating to the extent of this child care leave, whether it is paid or unpaid and the duration could not be identified within the existing law, furthermore neither could any qualifying conditions be identified.

Women and single fathers adopting a newborn child are granted the same leave as a mother who gives birth to a child, until the child reaches the age of 60 days.

Source: §105 & 106 of the Mongolian Labour Code, 1999

Эцэг эхийн уян хатан ажлын цаг / Ажил-амьдралын тэнцвэржилт

The employer must not require a mother with a child under 8 years of age, or a single mother or father of a child less than 16 years of age, to work overtime.

No other provisions were identified within the law.

Source: §102 of the Mongolian Labour Code, 1999

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