Ажилгүйдлийн тэтгэмж

Ажилгүйдлийн тэтгэмж

Unemployment Benefits are regulated under the Law on Unemployment Benefits Paid from Social Insurance Funds. A worker must have paid insurance contributions for at least 24 months (including last 9 consecutive months) before becoming unemployed. For receiving benefits again, a worker must have paid unemployment insurance fees for 12 months.

 Unemployment benefit is calculated as a percentage of average wage of last three months and depends on the length of service as follows: 45% of the average wage for service under 5 years of service; 50% of the average wage for 5-10 years of service; 60% of the average wage for 10-15 years of service; and 70% of the average wage for 15 or more years of service. The minimum rate of unemployment benefit cannot be less than 75% of the minimum wage determined by the national tripartite committee on labour and social consensus. The unemployment benefits are payable for a period of 76 working days. Unemployment benefits are paid twice a month.

Unemployment benefits may be suspended in the following cases: if the worker twice refused to accept a reasonable offer; missed the temporary wage jobs organized by the employer or employment promotion unit; did not participate in vocational training paid and organized by insurance organizations and if the court decision regarding worker imprisonment becomes effective. If the unemployment benefit is not used by the workers of a specific enterprise for five consecutive years, the insurance contribution can be reduced by 10%. 

Source: §2-12 of the Law on Unemployment Benefits Paid from Social Insurance Funds, 1994